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One of the best horror game I know! FF is Japanese created game with an awesome story line. .well somewhat fantastic to me but I have my dislikes. So if your a FF fan then you should know the stories. if not then I recommend it greatly! Poor Miku sets out to find her brother who is the last member of her family but finds that were they have gone is just the nightmare the folklore's were wanting to find. In the game the music is just right to put you into the creepy scenery as the house is falling apart and Miku is running from broken back Lady and super creepy children who also haunt the shrine, am I the only one who hates the broken back lady?! pops out of no were! anyways...the many years the hauntings continued because the Master of the house had to kill the rope shrine maidens secret love to were she suffered a broken heart funding her people had killed the man she loved...she couldn't find peace with dying for the people who kill him. But Mafuyu put her broken heart to rest after he stays to die with the rope maiden AFTER Miku went through the scary shit to have her brother be like see ya...wtf right? but all was at peace in the end as the souls who was stuck in the malice was set free...or was it the rift? oh well either was Miku was the only one left hurt and alone...and most likely confused too.
ANYONE FOR ROUND TWO?! Starting the game off with Mayu and mio who were reminiscing but Mayu wonders off towards the forest following a crimson butterfly that leads them to a simulator creepy abandoned scene of a village. Ever since they enter the village Mayu is almost always strange and even runs off. Well turns out that the twins were supported to be reincarnations of the twin shrine maidens and turns out that's why Mayu was acting out there. Both the twins getting chased around by Sae who was one of the Twin shrine maidens (who is also possessing Mayu) and as Yae the other. all in all the real ending sucks but luckily we can choose other option when beating and playing again. Have to say the kids, falling lady and twisted neck lady freaked me out o.o
FATAL DREAMS! But it takes time before you die :) no just kidding in this game FF 3 its a trip once all your characters come together. who would have thought that Kai was Mayu and Mio's uncle. not only that but Mikus here too? well Mafuyu was best friends with Rei's (your FF 3 character) fiancé Yuu who was research buddys and sheared there findings. But sadly Miku's pain never truly subsided and missed her brother. I'm not sure why she was in the dreams but she did and willingly followed the phantom of her brother into the darkness. As for Kai he's truly a smart man and basically put it all together. but with a little help from Rei. Fatal Frame somehow ends up claiming a victim in every game but in this case it takes 3 yes I said three. if you play this game then you should know that Kai tells you about his ordeal in finding Mayu who is "lost" and Mio who is suffering back him mumbling to herself about Mayu and sleeping often dreaming of her sister. I'm not 100% sure if she's dead but that too marks and pretty much dead. Kai loves his nieces and seems to take Mayu's disappearance very seriously and I admire that. One by one Rei's friends die as she finds her way through the nightmares. shortly after Kai dies Rei gos to face the Dream shrine median at least that's what I call her at this point lol. Out of this game I don't like at all the needle lady or the prestice girls lol but great job guys. Rei I feel for the most, having lost her fiancé, best friend, and the friendship of a new friend to come out strong and thanks to Yuu's spirit she got to live and say goodbye like Miku to her brother...at least Rei has her cat :)
NEW FATAL FRAME GAME!...but new name and a bit different. CANT WAIT! creepy games are just my thing :3 FATAL FRAME: MAIDEN OF BLACK WATER for Wii only as far as I know. Maiden of black water is comprised of three interconnected stories that converge to uncover the truth behind a recent string of tragic deaths in a forest marred by a history of suicides. As one of three people with the power of the Camera Obscura and the ability to see the shadows of those spirited away, you’ll explore the ruins of an eerie inn, a shrine filled with life-size dolls, and a lake full of dead priestesses. Each shadowy location is connected by a stream of water flowing throughout the mountain, and this once holy water is tied to the darkest mystery of all—the history of death and darkness on Mt. Hikami.