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BTS Love game [Part 1]
Hiii!! So I've seen/played a few of these games and they're really fun to play! I've only (so far) seen two people make these.. I'm not sure who started it but I wanted to make one of my own! Soooo here's a BTS one! Not really sure how this works but I hope you enjoy.. Not sure how many parts but there will be more than 5 🤗


What door are you going to pick??
Door #1..
Door #2..
Door #3..
Door #4..
Door #5..
Door #6..
Door #7..
Part 1 finished! Who did you get? Leave comments below! Part 2 coming soon!! Saranghae! Xx [updated: IM SO SORRY I FORGOT ABOUT THE ADORABLE TAETAE!! 😭😭 mianhae!!]


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I got jimin
2 years ago·Reply
door 5 lol @jessicalnichols
2 years ago·Reply
I got kookie
2 years ago·Reply
Door 5
2 years ago·Reply
Door 6 rap mon
2 years ago·Reply