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Let's get to know each other Marvelers!

This was really fun to do before... so I thought I'd make another one! Here's how it works: you leave a number in the comments, and I have to answer the corresponding question! If anyone else also wants to do the meme, feel free to copy and paste these questions (or create your own) on a new card so we can all get to know each other better!
1. Favorite Marvel cosplay you've done?
2. Marvel cosplay you want to do?
3. Favorite Marvel fanfiction?
4. Favorite Marvel ship?
5. Anything you'd retcon if you could?
6. Favorite comic book artist?
7. What else are you really geeky about?
8. How did you get into Marvel/comics?
9. Favorite comic book-inspired animated series?
10. Favorite non-hero comic book character?
@MoisEsGaray awesome!! ^_^ and uuuu staring off with the x-men is pretty awesome :) I like ^\^
@MoisEsGaray I went to a fan event because there was an artist there I really liked from another fandom. Haha their enthusiasm totally drew me in. I'd liked the X-men comics when I was little but until then I'd dropped off the fandom
#8 ^_^
@Krystalstar22 agreed haha #LifeGoals
*can all
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