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Here we go, another debate for the Vingle political season.

This week will be our final debate and the election tally, so make sure you pay attention to what your candidates are saying.
If you need a recap of what happened last week: HERE is the card from the debate, and a RECAP of the event.

Now let's get to the question...

Celebrities and Politicians.

A odd pairing, but a great way for some political candidates to get recognition and sometimes more support. Obama and Beyonce, Katy Perry and Hillary...each supports each other and gets involved in the elections.
@TessStevens wrote a card a while back about this pairing. that inspired me to ask the new debate question:

Who would be your celebrity running mate? What are they known for, and why would they be the perfect running mate for you?

Remember this is debate so feel free to question or support each other. I'll be moderating the debate and making sure things stay awesome (like Beyonce)!
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Alright Candidates and supporters! Let's do this!

Well @nicolejb If I needed a celebrity running mate...Let me choose Usain Bolt, I mean when it comes to running, he's the main man.
@GalaxyTacoCat Niiice! I'm looking forward to Will Ferrell's new movie with Mark Wahlberg! I think it's called Daddy's Home? It looks hilarious!!!
Will Farrel of course! I mean come on, get hard, blades of glory, talledega nights, the campaign. This man can do anything and make it incredibly funny. Thus the king of comedy shall be my choice. "I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!" - Talledega Nights @danidee @nicolejb @tessstevens @butterflyblu
@quietone @TessStevens She fact is that we were asked to give a RUNNING mate. If I was going to nominate a late night show host it would be John Oliver. If I was going to nominate an acting mate, it would be Vince Vaughn.
awesome question I gotta say it'd be Roseanne Barr for me she's a famous comedian and actress. she'd be mine because 1shes awesome 2 she hasn't had it easy and 3 she doesn't take crap from anyone and wed definitely be a formidable pair together
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