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[Vingle Elections] Third Presidential Debate

Here we go, another debate for the Vingle political season.

This week will be our final debate and the election tally, so make sure you pay attention to what your candidates are saying.
If you need a recap of what happened last week: HERE is the card from the debate, and a RECAP of the event.

Now let's get to the question...

Celebrities and Politicians.

A odd pairing, but a great way for some political candidates to get recognition and sometimes more support. Obama and Beyonce, Katy Perry and Hillary...each supports each other and gets involved in the elections.
@TessStevens wrote a card a while back about this pairing. that inspired me to ask the new debate question:

Who would be your celebrity running mate? What are they known for, and why would they be the perfect running mate for you?

Remember this is debate so feel free to question or support each other. I'll be moderating the debate and making sure things stay awesome (like Beyonce)!
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Alright Candidates and supporters! Let's do this!

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Haha a I'm impressed but not surprised by your response @GalaxyTacoCat. YESSS I want to see that. :D @ButterflyBlu
2 years ago·Reply
I don't know how you guys haven't figured this out yet. But my Celebrity Running Mate is obviously Patrick Swayze. Ever since my trip the ethereal realm, he and I have been become very close. And, you know, he's been in a plethora of amazing movies. Also, he's really nice.
2 years ago·Reply
Are you referring to the movie Ghost @paulisaghost because I'm thinking to myself WHY DIDN'T I SEE THIS COMING
2 years ago·Reply
@paulisaghost why not the sixth sense while your at it "I see dead people" O_o
2 years ago·Reply
All Vingle election Peeps!!! It's a 3 way tie....vot for your candidates now!!!!
2 years ago·Reply