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Ever had sex and then felt a strange wave of sadness afterwards?

One minute, you're having a great time with your partner – and then next, you're inexplicably down in the dumps. What happened?
It turns out, according to a new study published in Sexual Health, that many women experience a sudden mood drop after sex. It's called post-coital dysphoria (PCD), and out of 230 college-aged females surveyed, 46% had experienced it at least once.
Meanwhile, 5% had experienced symptoms of PCD in the past month.
Strangely, it was difficult for scientists to figure out what exactly causes PCD. You might have a perfectly healthy relationship, and a perfectly satisfying sexual experience – but the blues can still strike.
They suspect, however, that PCD has more to do with your mental state than your physical state:
...our sense of self may be a stronger predictor of PCD symptoms. In other words, if you’re a girl boss who oozes confidence and knows exactly what she wants in life (and between the sheets), the odds are slim that post-sex blues will strike—but if you’re uber-insecure and unsure of yourself, nookie could turn you into a real life Eeyore. “If you’re experiencing the blues after sex, simply knowing this is your body’s reaction is a big deal,” says relationship expert April Masini. “Next, figure out how long this reaction lasts, and ID what might be triggering it.” For example, maybe there are areas of your life or things that happened in your past that are making you feel stressed or insecure, and letting your guard down during sex triggers those feelings to bubble to the surface.
An interesting theory. This has definitely happened to me before, and I'm sure at some point it'll happen again – next time, I'll try to identify the trigger behind the feelings of sadness and dejection. It's comforting, at least, to know I'm not alone! And you're not either, if you've ever experienced this :) I'm sure it can happen to men as well.
If you like, you can read more about the study here.
Have you ever experienced PCD? Curious to see if there's anyone else out there!
im a guy but this has happened to me before, mostly at times like after I have sex with someone that I really didn't want to and the only reason I did was because I was impaired significantly, other than that I feel great after sex
omg really, well it's a boy thing, lol. guess your deprived of certain lessons, if I might say @Allobaber
I have never heard that lol @MichaelLopez... interesting
it's called like my mommy said: "tickle it once it's fine, but tickle more you go blind." hehehe
Also it dont take a scientist to figure out bed room problems, sometimes it's just incompatible situation, now chemistry is another topic. leave it at that! hope that helps our genius. @AlloBaber