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[Welcome Card] Hello Sports Fans!

Hello and welcome sports fans!

First of all, congrats all Royals fans! I'm Michael (or Mike, whatever floats your boat) and I'm the Sports community moderator! It's been almost a month since I've been a moderator and special thanks to every active members in the sports community, you know who you are.
Here are some of my favorite plays during the 2015 MLB season!

Antony Rizzo's incredible grab!

David Price's monster reflexes!

Kershaw's behind-the-back catch!

I am also always willing to talk sports with you guys, so hit me up any time!

I also want to welcome you guys once more and I also want to learn more about you guys!

So...it'd be great if you guys could tell me your favorite sports and teams in the comments section below!

And then I will decide whether we can become friends or not!
But not really.


Also we have two fellow Vinglers who introduced themselves already by making their own cards!

Please join me in welcoming @DreJones and @DiegoReymundo!
If you guys want to learn more about DreJones and DiegoReymundo, please check their cards out!
DreJones - Hello everyone!
DiegoReymundo - Introducing Myself
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hello my top two sports are baseball and football. my two teams are the san Francisco giants and the san Francisco 49ers.
@ChristopherKenn Ahh I see haha. So do you think the Giants are going to keep it going and win the WS next year since its an even number year?
haha I don't know but I do know they will need something more from their pitching to stand a chance. bumgarner can't do it all the time