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Adobo is one of the most amazing seasonings you will ever come across. Throw away your garlic powder, black pepper, salt, crushed garlic -- all you need is a bottle of adobo. So you're probably wondering when you can use adobo. Well duh you can pour adobo on meats like burgers, chicken, fish, and steaks -- just like that little picture on the bottle visually states.

...But on what else can we add adobo to?

Obviously Cereal or "Con Flay"

Adobo is a seasoning that is practical for many meals, especially for con flay. jk about the cereal lol...

What's the most bizarre food you've added Adobo to???

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ummm...I sprinkle on top of fried eggs while cooking the... or in my omelet.. nothing crazy... I have eaten magos with cumin. Pretty good...
I have never tried mangoes with cumin....does it change the taste a lot? Cumin is pretty mild, right?? @jazziejazz
@alywoah yes it is... it just makes it taste yummier hard to describe 馃槈
Bahaha, I love the idea of Fruit Loops covered in adobo.