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Sexiness isn't about appearance – it's about attitude.
No matter what you look like, I guarantee there's someone (and probably lots of someones) who will find you utterly gorgeous and completely sexy exactly the way you are.
But sometimes, it's hard to keep this in mind. Or maybe you have trouble believing it in the first place. That's okay. Getting in a sexy state of mind – I mean really, TRULY feeling like a gorgeous, sexy, confident person – can be super difficult!
Even so, it's worth fostering this I'm-sexy-and-I-know-it attitude. It adds a bounce to your step and can give you the strength you need to kick butt all through the day. So when you're just not feeling it, how can you convince yourself of your sex appeal? How can you feel like a total hottie even when you're actually feeling _______ (gross, bloated, crampy, hungover, etc. etc.)?

These 11 tips will have you feeling sexier in no time! Give 'em a try and watch the magic happen:

1. Exercise first thing in the morning. It'll give your skin that gorgeous glow that comes from increased blood flow, and remind you that you're actually pretty awesome. After all, you already kicked butt today! And don't those running tights make your legs look super great?
2. Get in touch with your body. Not a lot of people prioritize spending time getting to know their own body, as if it were another person. Try practicing yoga (there are great apps out there, so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home!) and really focus on deeply inhabiting your body, feeling it move in all its capabilities and limitations. Love that body for what it can do, not the way it looks.
3. Drink something green instead of something brown. Forgo the sugary, whipped-cream-topped frap that'll have you feeling sluggish and bloated two hours later. Instead, sip on a fruit and veggie smoothie packed with the vital nutrients you need to get your brain and body fueled for the day, as well as bright skin, shiny hair, and an uplifted mood. Walking around, green smoothie in hand, is sure to arouse looks of envy!
4. Give yourself permission to be powerful. It's your decision and your right to feel sexy! Embrace your power and your individuality, and all the ways they make you awesome. Have confidence in you. Now THAT's sexy!
5. Practice it every day. Just like an exercise regimen, a diet, or achieving any goal takes discipline and daily practice, so does the self-love and confidence that lend legitimacy to any feeling of sexiness. Write an actual, physical list of what you love about yourself, and examine it daily. Internalize it. And then summon it up when you want to feel super affirmed, super confidence, and glowing with sexiness.
6. Find a sexy perfume, and spritz away. Is there a scent you love, that makes you feel on top of the world? If yes, AWESOME! If not, go scent-hunting. Pop into a perfume store or test out a few simple essential oils, and pick a scent that makes you feel happy as well as alluring, sensual, or inspired. When you need a quick pick-me-up, now it's just a spray away!
7. Take a deep breath and relax. Feeling anxious and stressed out is the opposite of feeling sexy. Before you can get confident, first you have to get calm. Invest in meaningful and healthy strategies for handling stress, whatever those may be. Life is so, so much better when you're not freaking out all the time.
8. Get seductive for nobody but you. What makes you feel sexiest? Is it looking put together and perfectly made up? Is it getting sweaty at the gym? Is it wearing lacy little underthings, even if nobody sees them but you? Then do it! I think collecting pretty lingerie and clothes that make me feel beautiful are such worthwhile investments, because it actually does make a world of difference.
9. Remember compliments. I know it may seem dorky, but write them down. Keep a little note in your phone. Pull them out when you need an extra boost!
10. Channel someone you find sexy. Whether it's Marilyn Monroe or Kendall Jenner, draw inspiration from the person you find empowers you most with their incredible sexiness. Maybe a Marilyn-inspired hair do makes you feel good (shout out to @TessStevens!) or maybe you can't help but feel like a total badass when you step out in your ripped jeans and gigantic sunglasses. Follow your star!
11. Find the one beauty product that gives you an instant boost of sexy. Is it your favorite red lipstick? A quick coat of the perfect mascara? A touch of blush? You should never feel guilty about loving the way you look in makeup. I try not to wear it very often, because I want to remember that I don't NEED it to be beautiful. But that means when I do put a little on, I'm like, HOLY COW who is that beautiful person in the mirror!!!!???
I hope these tips empower you to feel like the super sexy vixen you are today :) Let me know how you feel after trying a few!! If you have any of your own sexy secrets to add, be sure to share them so us Vinglers can try 'em out too! :D
And remember, feeling sexy is the first step to being sexy – so start with you, and don't worry – the admirers will follow! ;D
Exercising first thing in the morning always makes me feel like hot stuff throughout the day!!
ladies you gatta look sexy
yes I feel like nothing can get in my way after I exercise 😄😄😄😄
totally agree. What an amazing feeling it is..beautiful agony..