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Global group Aziatix was featured on the front cover of Newsweek magazine, Korean version. On the edition of Newsweek magazine that was released on the 14th, group Aziatix decorated the front cover, with the title 'Korean Hip Hop Unifies The World'. Previously in January, Aziatix was featured with 2NE1 in the Japanese and American version of Newsweek magazine as the leaders of Korean hip hop. It is a great honor for Aziatix to have been selected as the coverstory of the Korean version of Newsweek magazine. In the article, Newsweek quoted, "K-hop is the combination of soul, hip hop, electronic, and ethnic sounds, that has the capacity to satisfy music fans all over the world. This type of music has greater depth than kpop." They added, "K-hop, different from most Korean music, has been deeply influenced by R&B. Aziatix is a group that focuses on unique and state of the art sound to create hip hop itself." Aziatix's representing company, A Star Entertainment, has announced, "If last year was a year to show our capabilities, this year will be the year of true success. In 2012, we will be sure to come out with new music that can bring people from all around the world together."