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@danidee made a card and mentioned she collected a certain Star Wars character's action figures c: So, I made a card about my collections, just to make it more fun ^w^

Don't hesitate to make one, too!

Okay, so I might have a little obsession with collecting papers and putting them on my walls.

My drawings, paintings, pictures, future goals, inspirations, word porn, awards, certificates, and a lot of pink post-its, basically anything you can think of is on my wall. I've always been afraid of white, blank walls. It literally gives me nightmares if I leave any part of the wall blank. I don't know why, and I've studied Psychology down to the bone, but hey, at least I love color and life on my walls!

So here's what I collect:

1. Necklaces and bracelets. (I have about 35 of them together, although I hate wearing earrings. My ears are too small to deal with that pftt. ) 2. Art, pictures, and anything paper-related that carries memories. (I don't file stuff, I freaking post them on the walls. I hot glued my 6th grade project on my wall once, an entire tennis court model) 3. ELEPHANTS. AND DRAGONS. Here an elephant, there a dragon, everywhere a roar-vuffff. lol. NOT REAL ONES. STUFFED ANIMALS. Yeah, I know dragons don't exist, don't lecture me! Elephants are faithful, gentle, intelligent creatures that protect their family no matter what. And dragons are like me, they collect treasure like I collect memories. They're strong, wise, ferocious and short tempered at times, but constantly trying to understand humanity.
4. And lastly but not any least important, books!! I'm a book worm, a nerd, a four-eyed weirdo! I've always welcomed those titles! Because I love gathering stories. I soak them up and I feel and live them, then I store them for another day. I'm even writing one, but I won't reveal what it's about! I'm still in a writer's complex where I love my book to death, but I worry that it'll be like any other book. Idk, I worry too much. The last picture is mine, the others are just dreams & Books&Books, which is a book store and café in Miami Beach.

Any weird obsessions? You already know mine!

Dudeeee, I used to collect elephants a lot too! When I was a little girl, elephants were my favorite animal, so my mom and dad used to buy me all sorts of elephant things. I know a bunch of weird elephant facts, and I remember talking my family's ears off about the difference between African and Asian elephants.
@danidee I always forget to tag! @.@ whoops.
OH MY GOSH especially the differences between Asian and African elephants XDDDD YESSS! ANOTHER FAN LOL
@alywoah nooooo, Idk how you managed getting rid of so many of them Q.Q were they just children books or they were too random, like travel books, or they made up too much space? & yeah, they have one also at the Arsht center, inside it! I'm sure there are other locations too! I go there for the sights though, that place is so expensive and fancy as hell @.@ & that's awesome, about collecting purses :D I love ones that look small on the outside and then BIG and PORTAL-SIZED on the inside XDD
I like Books & Books! I think they have other location besides Miami Beach, right??? I used to be a big collector of purses. And not even designer purses because I am not that into labels. But just anything that looked nice! I also used to collect books, but I had to get rid of a great deal of them.