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Look, it's a bird... It's a plane.. It's a Hulk? Yes a Hulk... A big Green monster... Grrr... He gets mad, hungry and believe or not happy. He is full of gamma radiation and emotional like a teenage when he wants to be.
"I pick things up and put them down." Nope, that is not a Hulk quote, I believe Arnolds but don't quote me on this. I so did not have my coffee as of yet. But, I can tell you I interviewed a woman at my job and that was her answer... To pretty much everything... I mean everything...
He has is funny moments too! When he is not jumping, running far away from humans or some kind of emotion.... Including hunger... The Hulk can EAT! And I would not want to know what happens to the bathroom if he ate a couple of cases of White Castle Burgers.. Lol
My two day Challenge ✨ not so much challenge... What would you do as The Hulk for a day? Would you Hulk Smash! Smell roses!! Or some other random thing. The Hulk is not predictable at times! Everyone join in.. Remember I suck at tagging have fun my Vingler peeps!
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😂😂😂😂😂 true @LAVONYORK
@shannonl5 but you get to be hulk once in a life time
Lol @shannonl5 @shantalcamara has a point it's only once... At least you can do a wicket cannon ball in the ocean lol
Thank you everyone for participating! I will be getting my next card ready!