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so I have been patiently waiting for a few years for a new song from my girl crush Adele. Her new look is as always beautiful. Mother Hood really suits her. Her songs are usually about love and heartbreak and that's no exception with her new release Hello. It has literally become a success. But is this a surprise? I would say no. Her melodic, soulful, and warm tones she is known for seem to have mature over time and now captures you from the first note. Her lyrics and the emotions she expresses hits you right in the feels. As if that is not enough the black and white music video captures the song and it's meaning in a unique way. Watch below and be warned you will feel and fall for Adele even more.
@Shannonl5 @danidee @allischaaff @Robertmarsh @tessstevens I tagged you because I know you are music lovers as well
@Veronicaartino yeah that's right :)
@ghousiqbal I love everything she has Done
adele's.. set fire to the rain is really good its a must listen song
I do too...I just quit following much American music @VeronicaArtino 😁
@robertmarsh OK not a problem. I love all music and like to share it when I have a song that really hits me.
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