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Today we were given the gift of TOP. Let us all rejoice and celebrate the angel and goofball that is Choi Seunghyun. °.*\( ˆoˆ )/*.°

So enjoy some random facts about our birthday oppa!!

-Picked Taeyang as the person he would date if he was a girl XD -Favorite Foods include: Rice, Ice Cream, Yanggeng, and Donuts -Relieve stress by making his dongsaengs laugh.
-If he didn't do music he'd sell clothes or something to do with fashion. -Doesn't have much confidence in his looks. (Seriously??) -Most prized possession is a backpack he got as a birthday gift in 2006 from the other members.
-His mom is #1 on speed dial. (Awww) -Hobbies are reading, swimming, and writing lyrics. (And breaking the hearts of many fangirls) -Despite his rapper image TOP is extremely playful.
-After the members of BIG BANG were finalized, Yang Hyun Suk gave each of the members pendants. TOP's was a hand holding a microphone. It meant "To inspire people with his voice and become big."

Happy Birthday TOP!!!!

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OMG HOW DID I NOT KNOW IT WAS THIS SEXY BEASTS BIRTHDAY but aww top is amazing he posts od on instagram has that deep heart fluttering voice he's sassy and so good looking. I'm glad he has so many fans. go go top#
Vanilla ice cream β™‘ I can see him selling furniture or paintings more than selling clothes lol 였빠 μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄ πŸ’™
happy birthday Top Oppa! I hope it was an awesome one!
aww Happy Birthday TOP!!
guys want to send t.o.p birthday wishes. record a video of you wishing him happy birthday and send it to me through my email. link in my vingle cards.hope to see your videos soon.