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Which champs are the best to start off with when learning the support role? What items are essential? Gameplay tips? Thanks, lol gamertag: Hamtaro17
soraka , morganna, nami
Sona, if you are an aggressive player, Janna or Soraka, if you are passive. Items really depend on your play style. Always get sightstone as fast as possible. If you lose lane early, get the gold per five item up to its second rank and wait for jungle ganks.
how is it like playing sona? never tried. @dylanlemley
Sona is a very squishy support. But she is great for both poke and sustain if you can get your passive on lock. She is just really good and one of the best supports for bronze-plat games
I find it easier for support players who are just starting out to play tankier supports before the squishier ones.. leona , nautilus are really good for this.. nautilus especially since his hook is really easy to land even though its a skill shot..