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yay!!! @AimeeH you made my day with the screenshot game! . BTW your story was awesome!!! OK here I go! story time! ⚠ long story this time I got the call early Monday morning waking me up from my deep sleep. "hello??" I mumbled "yes is this Heidi?" "yes? who is this?" "this is starship entertainment. we are calling to let you know you got the internship. can you be here by 8 this morning to finalize the contract and start training?" That woke me up! I glanced at my clock. it was 6:30am and I lived 30 minutes away plus or minus with traffic! plus I had to look good which would take about an hour. I was going to be around some amazing groups like sistar and boyfriend!!! I was especially excited about boyfriend! there was no way I was going to give up this opportunity! "I'll be there!" I said and quickly got off the phone. I grabbed my best dress and bolted to the shower. I pulled up at 7:45 amazing even myself with how quickly I made it when I was given the right motivation. I jogged in thru the door when suddenly I heard a loud crack. the room started to tilt and suddenly I was on the floor....my heel had broken!!! I face palmed myself. I knew I shouldn't have worn these. I glanced at my watch... "omo! 10 minutes!" "are you OK?" a voice startled me as I glanced up....I wish I hadn't. it was boyfriends Jeongmin! "how embarrassing" I mumbled to myself. "do you need help" he asked with real concern on his face. "oh... uh I'm OK. my heel just broke. I'm pretty sure I have some extra ones in my car. I'll just have to run and grab them from the trunk." "let me get them for you " he said as he snatched my keys beside me on the floor and directed me to the closest bench. he left and was back in within 2 minutes. I thanked him and then ran off to meet my new boss making it at 8am exactly. I signed my contract and he handed me my assignment. I was being assigned to.....I about fainted from excitement. I was to be boyfriends personal assistant. I made my way to the rehearsal room ready to introduce myself. as soon as I walked in my eyes were met by jeongmin. the embarrassment came flooding back. "well if it isn't my new best friend" he said jokingly as he walked over and slung his arm over my shoulder. "we are so close I even know where she keeps her spare shoes. what are you doing here? you missed me didn't you?" "actually. I'm your new personal assistant...the groups actually" I quickly bowed, ducking out of jeongmins arm which was still wrapped around my shoulder. " my name is Heidi. nice to meet you all." and strangely that is how jeongmin and i really became best friends. I was closest to him out of the whole group. now if you asked me who I saw as a man and liked romantically that was min woo. I tried not to let it show but I died inside every time he was around. I think as my bff jeongmin could tell because he would tease me about it. one day the guys decided to go out to a noraebong to have some fun and I was invited. we were all talking and having a good time when the subject changed to manliness. most of the guys considered dong hyun the manliest in the group. I guess because my heart was set on min woo, he was the only one I saw as a man and after a few drinks of soju I let it slip. that's when things got awkward. a competitive spirit came out in some of the guys. kwangmin dedicated a song to me. in the song he confessed his feelings which was sweet but I only thought of him and youngmin as my brothers. luckily he said he understood and we stayed friends. dong hyun on the other hand kissed me! in front of everyone! it was my first kiss and I will admit it slightly made my heart flutter. I went home that night wondering what it meant. were we a couple now? if he didn't like me why would he kiss me? he wasn't min woo but if I didn't like him a little why would my heart flutter? I went into work the next morning with a little excitement about seeing him. I had made sure my hair and makeup were on point. I guess I had let myself get a little sloppy since I had become so comfortable with them. but when I walked in what I saw immediately broke my heart. dong hyun had his arm wrapped around one of the back up dancers and it was pretty obvious they were flirting. he looked to the door and smiled. I tried to smile back but it was hard and definitely didn't reach my eyes like a normal smile. I was pretty down the rest of the day. the guys could tell. they all kept asking me what was wrong. "nothing" I lied. "I'm just a little tired today"
finally dong hyun found me at the end of the day. " this isn't about the kiss last night is it?" "of course not" I lied again. "good. you know it didn't mean anything. I was just proving that min woo isn't the only man to you if I can make you're heart flutter too. " I was completely shocked he would even do such a thing. these we're my feelings he was playing with. I couldn't hide my feelings anymore. I didn't want to cry in front of him but the tears started to flow. "what? you did think I was serious?!" "I...." I was unable to finish that sentence. hyun seong who had luckily been nearby and heard the whole thing came and took my arm. "let's go" he said dragging me along. "where....where are we going?" I mumbled. he turned and smiled at me. "to eat! it'll make you feel better" I was so grateful to him. I didn't really want to talk to jeongmin about this but since hyun seong witnessed the whole thing I didn't have to talk to him about it. unfortunately I didn't realize how hyun seong truly felt. he went from being sweet to slightly obsessive. I couldn't even talk to jeongmin who everyone in the group knew was my best friend without hyun seong pulling me away. one day min woo, who I still had feelings for approached me. which he hadn't really done since I blurted out my feelings drunkenly at the noraebong a few months back. seeing this and knowing my feel for min woo, hyun seong lost it and grabbed my arm a bit too hard. I fell. "what's wrong with you?!" min woo yelled and moved in front of me protectively. "this is no way to treat a girl. and definitely no way to treat someone who is our friend!" I know this was not the time or place but hearing min woo say "friend" felt like a stab to the heart. I looked down. hyun seong on the other hand looked mortified. "Heidi...I am so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me....I just.....I'm sorry." he turned to walk away. " I forgive you." I called out after him. he turned to give me a sad smile before leaving. min woo took my hand and helped me up. I quickly got up and took my hand back. I did not need my heart shattered again by this guy. maybe working here was a bad idea. I was now personally involved. "are you OK?" he asked "fine..thank you." I mumbled and started to walk away. "I wasn't over stepping my boundaries right?" he asked. "no." I said but my back was still turned. I didnt want him to see the tears that we're threatening to fall any minute. I didn't even hear him come up behind me. " then why won't you look at me." he whispered in my here as he firmly took my shoulders and turned me around to look at him. " please don't cry" he whispered again as he kissed the tears that were now streaming down my cheeks. "please just don't" I cried and pushed him away. he looked hurt. "Heidi....I..." he started but I put my hand up to stop him. "I don't need pity and I don't need someone coming along and teasing me by acting like they care about me." I immediately regretted those words as soon as they flew from my mouth. min woos eyes immediately changed from hurt to shocked and a bit angry. "is that what you think of me? you think I'm the type of person who would do that?! then why even say you liked me in the first place??" he shot back. "well what is this?" I asked a not more cautiously now. "this is me trying to tell you I'm in love with you!" my jaw dropped. even he looked a little surprised about his sudden declaration. "then why didn't you say anything when I confessed months ago at the noraebong?" "I wanted to.... but I wanted to tell you when you were sober...but then you seemed to be having a bad day the next day and after that I thought you had something with hyun seong and if you were happy I didn't want to get in the way. I had no idea it was like that though. I would've done something.....said something sooner. I gave you up to be happy. not to be treated like that" now he looked embarrassed. " I want a chance now....to try to be everything you deserve and more." "are you...." "yes. I'm asking you to be my girl. this isn't how I imagined doing it but...." he said cutting me off before I could finish the question. it was my turn now to silence him. I stretched up on my tip toes, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. my boldness startled me but it felt right at ft he same time. he cupped my face in his warm hands and kissed me back. "so is that a yes?" he joked smiling down at me. "it's a definitely." I said smiling back at him. we were so happy together we only waited a month before getting married. now a year later we are expecting our first child. and still so happy together. the end. thanks again @AimeeH these always make my day!
@AimeeH I can't wait!
@heidichiesa Awe Yay!! I really enjoy making them! I'm working on Winner next! No problem at all dear ^•^ ♡♡♡
I love when you make screenshot games so thank you! *^O^*
OHHHHHH MY HEARTU! OMG I WAS LAUGHING CRYING... EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED... DONGHYUN YOU NEED TO GO INTO A CORNER FOR THE WAY YOU TREAT PEOPLE!! 😢😢😢Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for participating! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! ♡♡♡