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Just remember the "good" "old" days, when everything just seemed to be more simple. I didn't know what internet was when I was idk, maybe 6? But we did own a computer (a huge one lol) and all I did know how to use is captured perfectly on this photo. Just tell me, I know you did this as well.
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And old Corel Draw...background presets, stickers, geometric shapes!
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I did. 馃槃
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I did this as a kid. internet was dial up and we didn't get that till later .
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I think the earliest I remember is a service called Prodigy. I think we started using it back when I was in 1st grade? 2nd grade? My dad made me my account and had me use my teacher's last name as my password.
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haha teacher's last name as a password. so clever :) @danidee
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