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Friend:"Why do you always have that empty water bottle in your room? " Me:" Bi***, Suga drank from this water bottle. " (I am so tempted to have an indirect kiss with suga, lol jk)
@B1A4BTS5ever well, while everyone was busy with the high touch (sadly , I didn't get in 馃槶) , I notice that Suga forgot his water bottle on stage. However, a security guard pick it up and kept it. I begged for it and also other girls. And he refused to give it to anyone (either he was a fan itself or he was thirsty , lol. He would't let go). And so after begging , kicks and slaps I finally got the water bottle. I was in the very front and the guard gave it to me. Even after getting it, Army's stared to fight me for the water bottle!!! It really was a rough fight, but I came out alive.
Lmfao I can't even!馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 the best fan account ever lmao
@haniarocioo ala thats scary man but i like that security guard sounds cool hahaha *whispers* he was probably army as well and wanted sugas water while this going suga is probably going crazy looking for it awwww hahaha xD
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