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He looks really cool and hot here
I'm not going to lie, doesn't he sorta look like Kris (from Exo) and Mark (from Got7) mixed together? P.s umm I I think I also saw a hint of JB (Got7) in there..
Kogyeol reminded me of Mark (Got7) in this picture
Really handsome here lol cute with the thumb's up
Ok now I think I saw a bit of Jackson (Got7) right here and.. Mark (Got7) please tell you guys see it too!!! I kinda wanna say, Markson?.. is that you?
@ArmyofKookie yeah no of course lol and I'm going through all the members each day lol don't want to kill them with an overdose XD
@EniorehFrancois XD oh no don't get me wrong I love them all too! It's just he really stands out to me ;3;
Omg I just realized he really looks like Jin (from BTS) in the first picture! (Lol sorry I keep commenting)
IM SO GLAD SOMEBODY ELSE IS APPRECIATING HIm ;-; he's seriously really pretty and handsome and UGHHHH ;--; his looks kind of remind me of Block B a bit, like I feel like his looks would go well with them for some reason 9.o not nessecarily his personality tho XD too squishy~
OF COURSE!! lol I love all of them cx and its ok but omg I'm glad at least someone See's what I see!!!