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You've been crushing since grade school.

It's not hard to tell whether you're into a guy or not. Sometimes we tell ourselves lies to save both ourselves and this guy the heartbreak. Being single has it's perks, but sometimes you just want that one person -- even if that one person doesn't happen to be someone that you're actually into. We keep people around for our own satisfaction sometimes, not really putting their feelings into the equation.
They say it's 'cheaper to keep her', but can the same be said for a guy? If you're not feeling someone, keep it moving. You'll be doing both yourself and that guy a favor. You never know who might actually be feeling you or even that guy that you're 'fake' involved with. If you're constantly questioning your feelings, face it honey -- you're just not that into him and that's fine. Still confuse on whether you actually like a guy or not? Keep scrolling to see the five signs that are a dead give away that you're not interested according to

"He's really nice":

"If you find yourself rationalizing that he's a nice guy, a good guy who you should give a chance, then be friends. Maybe he'll grow on you?"

He's perfect on paper:

"Throw the paper away, and accept that he who is perfect on paper is almost never perfect in real life — and vice versa!"

You forget to respond:

"Whether it's his email, text, IM, or call, if something else is so interesting that you forget about him, then you might as well forget him now."

You like his friends better than him:

"If you'd rather hang out with him and his friends than with him alone (or you're using them to gain access to something), then you might be in it for the wrong reasons. Or the right!"

He always calls you:

"Unless you're playing a game, the making and breaking of plans should be fairly even."
Ladies, if any of these apply to you -- give it up.

You're just not that into him.