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Supplements Arrived
I realized yesterday that at least two other Vinglers are NOT ABOUT supplements. Maybe I misunderstood, and they can clarify, but I wonder if this also means that stuff like WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PIC is not something they'd consume. Would you take this stuff?
First, it's all legal.
In a previous post I shared about SARMS, which you can read about here. To be specific, these that you see here ARE NOT SARMS.
I just wanted to share with you all what I am taking as my pre, intra, and post workout.

PRE Workout:

1 Caffeine pill (not pictured)
1 scoop EVP Plus
1/2 scoop GlycoJect

INTRA Workout:

1/2 scoop GlycoJect
1/2 scoop AminoJect

POST Workout:

1 scoop Protein powder (not pictured)
1 scoop CellKEM
1/2 scoop AminoJect
I purchased this from Evogen Nutrition. They included a free t-shirt and several samples of Carnigen powder, which is for the conversion of fat to energy. I have never tried it before but will see how I like it.
What supplements are you taking for your workout? I talked to a friend and he said that he takes NOTHING. He just works out, eats and sleeps. I like the simplicity of that approach, but as I am nearing 40, I need all the help I can get. He's 28. He doesn't look like a bodybuilder or anything, but I respect his desire to stay clean in that regard.
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cool i will take a look
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar Thanks bud!
2 years ago·Reply
i take pre workout before and a 60gram. 400 calorie protein shake afterwards. And try to eat clean the rest of the time
2 years ago·Reply
What's a 60gram? @damionreynolds
2 years ago·Reply
60 grams of protein @marshalledgar
2 years ago·Reply