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I realized yesterday that at least two other Vinglers are NOT ABOUT supplements. Maybe I misunderstood, and they can clarify, but I wonder if this also means that stuff like WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PIC is not something they'd consume. Would you take this stuff?
First, it's all legal.
In a previous post I shared about SARMS, which you can read about here. To be specific, these that you see here ARE NOT SARMS.
I just wanted to share with you all what I am taking as my pre, intra, and post workout.

PRE Workout:

1 Caffeine pill (not pictured)
1 scoop EVP Plus
1/2 scoop GlycoJect

INTRA Workout:

1/2 scoop GlycoJect
1/2 scoop AminoJect

POST Workout:

1 scoop Protein powder (not pictured)
1 scoop CellKEM
1/2 scoop AminoJect
I purchased this from Evogen Nutrition. They included a free t-shirt and several samples of Carnigen powder, which is for the conversion of fat to energy. I have never tried it before but will see how I like it.
What supplements are you taking for your workout? I talked to a friend and he said that he takes NOTHING. He just works out, eats and sleeps. I like the simplicity of that approach, but as I am nearing 40, I need all the help I can get. He's 28. He doesn't look like a bodybuilder or anything, but I respect his desire to stay clean in that regard.
and that's what I'm after...Speed!
Yeah totally I get you @mchlyang you should post your workout routine I'd love to see what you're doing.
Its not just about pumping up haha. Its also about that feeling you get after you exercise and keeping the inside clean! My philosophy is eat natural food to stay clean!
i take pre workout before and a 60gram. 400 calorie protein shake afterwards. And try to eat clean the rest of the time
cool i will take a look
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