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The man earned it, wouldn't you say?

After suffering through four straight losing seasons with the team, Terry Collins pulled it all together this year in a big way - but you already knew that.

And the Mets have rewarded Terry, agreeing to a two-year extension of his contract to keep him in town a while longer.

Collins is the oldest manager in baseball. He is prone to some strange decisions, but the truth is that this man is a total baseball lifer - he's been around the game for decades and I love the way he brings the Mets together.

The Mets are hungry for a World Series title after tasting the very tip of it this year. I think Terry Collins is the man to bring it, and I'm glad the owners and GM agree.

The best part about all this is that when Terry was hired five season ago, he was expected to come in, develop some players on what was then a truly terrible team, then take off and let some other big name manager come in and lead the Mets to the World Series. Terry has exceeded expectations. He's giving the Mets no chance but to resign him.
He's not perfect - I'll admit. He makes some decisions that I cannot understand.
But next year will be different right from the get-go. There are expectations now, whereas before there were none.
There is a real, MLB-quality roster from head to toe, which he did not have at his disposal for the first four months of this season (remember the days of John Mayberry, Jr.?). Terry is going to have a full summer to mold his team just the way he likes it alongside GM Sandy Alderson, then Sandy will give Terry the keys to the car and let the manager drive them to the championship that this team and its fanbase so badly wants.

I think resigning Terry is the right call. His baseball smarts and ability to bring a clubhouse together outweigh his occasional curious decision. I'm excited to have him back.

Would you have brought him back, or looked into finding a big-name manager to replace him?
not a mets fan but agree with their choice just add 2 years and see if they get back to at least playoffs they do that lock him in then. tho everyone has to stay healthy for it to happen as well
I agree. The Mets weren't even projected to make it to the playoffs before the season began! Of course there were some breakthroughs in the pitching staff, but I think Collins played a huge role in bringing the Mets to the World Series.