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@paulisaghost published a card about Tokyo Cosmo, a Japanese short film about a woman who lets her imagination run wild in her dull, daily life. You can check out his card, it's relatively new and I'm sorry Vinglers for being inadequate in tagging cards.

I wanted to know what fantastical adventures everyone else takes on those boring, simple days.

Do you day dream of having magical powers as you're riding a bus? Do you sword fight with foes while you take notes down in class? Do you imagine amazing risky adventures as you explore the unknown as you're walking over a puddle?

What do you think of when your imagination goes wild?

On a mundane slow day, I daydream about something dark and evil stealing me through the windows of my public bus. It scoops me up with a humungous shadow and takes me away. Noone notices my absence. I thrash and shout, and with one mighty thrust of my fingers into the large mass of darkness, I miraculously turn the darkness to light. I take control and turn it into something new and beautiful. It turns into a wondrous, wise dragon with a personality that compliments mine, who listens and helps me forget my stress. We scour through libraries and flow over Miami. I jump onto the palm trees and bounce among each one, looking for color and life in the city. I jump off and as my arms shoot up and my hair flies about and my feet wiggle in the air, I pop back into a bus seat. I blink and hear the driver's voice, telling everyone it's the last stop. I get off it and look up into a cloud-covered sky. And I shrug, continuing on my way home. And plenty more where that came from. Running in spinning cars, speeding across sidewalks as my character catches up with its daydreamer, holding a shield and sword against a spitting monster as I attempt to fry eggs with too much oil.

How about we make this a challenge? When you make a card about your type of adventures and thoughts, tag me in your card so I can take a step into your world and see what you see!

@alywoah @TessStevens @alishaaff I challenge you! I apologize if I spelled anything wrong and I still have a ton more friends to tag for this challenge, but I'm still getting trying to get a hang of this app! (If anyone can tell me how to tag people, please tell me, I'm clueless) Alright, Creative Minds:

Ready, Set, Write!


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I don't know. I'll see. I have to many nightmares
Holy shitocke, I LOVE all the action here! I'm sorry I haven't responded as quickly! I found a lost dog yesterday, a big ol' black and white cocker spaniel, and I've been busy since! @MaighdlinS Being half demon is actually pretty damn awesome!! I love your other bits of imagination too :3 But it's okay, real life can get exciting too if you bring your imagination to life in different ways c: I love to paint my characters and see them in action even if I'm not very good at drawing. @shannonl5 OMG A BLACK WIDOW MOVIE. I'd so watch that! NGGGGG! and I guess I'll have to use my phone's notes again XD thankfully, I have a galaxy note 4 WOOT perfect for a planner @nicolejb yayyyyyyy, another dragon fan! x333 and I'm glad you like the card!! you're tagged in my comment now so you gotta make a card, no exceptions!!! You better make it long, too, I wanna take a train into your world for a while :D @TessStevens I'm so glad you like it!!! ^//^ You write so great in your cards and I didn't know if mine wasn't as attention-grabbing @alywoah YAYYY! & Thank you so much ^.^ I can't wait to see your card! @deadmen0205 And youuu, nightmares don't have to be crippling. You can turn them into whatever you want once you have your conscience back c: Don't think you have no power in your mind. I've always had nightmares about someone taking away my family or leaving me helpless in a situation, but I wake up, I breathe and remember it's just a dream, and I go right back and figure out plans and fight back, and this time, win, because I can control the environment and myself. I probably sound crazy, but it helps. If they get too much, you'll know we're all here for you.
Weeee I willl! I'm going to take the weekend and do this @Luci546 :D
Aahhhh @Luci546 this is an amazing card!!! :D I love what you did with the different size fonts and bolding and everything :) And i LOVE your writing. Holy cow, girl!!! :D I'm glad you made it a challenge - thanks for tagging me!! :) I'm excited to participate!
@allischaaff I'm happy you like the card so much! :D and thank youuuu! ^.^ and yeah, I'm getting a hang of the different fonts and bolds xD woo!