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We all know and have heard it to death: weddings cost a fortune. And not just for the bride and groom. There's an incredible cost to participating in the wedding as a matron of honor or bridesmaid, even a groomsman.
To help ease to cost of your bridesmaid dress, rather than dropping $200-$500 on a dress (that you *might wear again...), why not simply rent the garment?! Seems pretty genius, right? In a previous card I shared with you how you can rent garments from RentTheRunway, online. You can read about that card here.
What I DIDN'T tell you is that there is another option to renting garments. It's called Vow To Be Chic, also online.
The two dresses that you see in the pic above, (A and B), retail for $250 each, which you can buy. But what If I told you that they were also available for a mere $90?!?! Crazy, right?!?!
Both are Donna Morgan designs. A is called Courtney and B is called Tiffany. If you're not sure whether you will like it or not, simply "try it on" for about $15!