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Seriously, if you know me and/or follow me or liked any of my posts you should know I never, I repeat never, post about Jimin lol (unless there was an OTP or ship involved). Not that I don't like him. I do, I like every Bangtan Boys but he's never caught my interest (even when he showed his chocolate 6 pack abs). But now, Park Jimin's gotta stay in his lane. Lol I'm a loyal girl to my Hopie. Guess I can share both? lol But Hopie will always be on top for me, always lol.

Any Hopemin shippers out there?

I'm more of a Yoonmin. I don't really ship J-Hope with anyone except me XD
This gif oh my! Probably one of my favs of Jimin. @kpopandkimchi @PrettieeEmm @IsoldaPazo
jimin is my ub, hobi tries to steal me from time to time lol I think they plan these things lol
@panouvang123 glad Im not the only one. No Jimin No! *secretly saying yes to self*
That gif made me feel funny! Like Jimin, is that your oh face 馃檲馃槉 oh my.
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