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Jackson clarifying, he did not sleep with
Now watch the Jackson arguing with BamBam J: you did not sleep with me.. B: I was sleeping with you and, he wake up, he was like.. Jackson doesn't let him finish arguing
Jackson keeps arguing he did not sleep with BamBam and BamBam keeps insisting..
Ok so Jackson gives in but he clarifies three times ... that it was in different beds..JUST to make NOW WATCH THE NEXT LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BAMBAM AND MARK. .
Now he he is explaining how Mark slept with
ON THE SAME BED! ...hahaha
and how they slept on the same J: Like that... (cuddle together may be) The difference between Jackson sleeping with BamBam and sleeping with Mark. .
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lol when Jackson is showing how they splet togther, did anyone else like Marks face? like that was adorable #Marksonforever 😍😍😍😍😍😘
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if these guys get married I will kill to be the priest. asdfghjkl
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the ship is real people!
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