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Anime and Comics crossover!!!
I'm a huge fan of DC and Marvel comics and I couldn't be happier when I find crossover fan art and I thought I'd share it with my Vingle nakama. @shannonl5
Used this pic for my first card ever but I doubt people would mind lol I just love this, the characters they're associated with fit so well.
Gurren Lagann Green Lantern corps style, there's just something about the Lantern corps that gets to me. It's an interesting power to have.
My two loves coming together
Probably doesn't count but c'mon how can you not love Thor Kirby?
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Its easy to see erza doing something like that she has equipment change so she has a infinite wardrobe
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@Danse *choking* ummm. WOW. Thank. You.
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This is awesome but in the One Piece Avengers for the life of me I can't find Zoro. Where's he at?
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I wish mirajane was dressed as black cat :(
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this is good.
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