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It's day 3! And the prompt is least favorite Fairy Tail member! My choice is Lisanna.
Here's the challenge card! I encourage others to participate as well!
So anyways... Lisanna. When she was first introduced I actually really liked her character. Motivation for Natsu, Elfman and Mirajane to keep fighting and provided interesting back story. Then she came back to life... Well technically she wasn't dead but whatever. I wouldn't have minded her return if she actually did something. But she literally does nothing. She was a much better character when she was dead and had so much potential there. Also, ships are obviously a big part of Fairy Tail, if she had more interactions with Natsu and Lucy and formed setting even remotely similar to a love triangle I would have been much happier with her return. When she was dead, she could have been used as a past love that Natsu had to move past and motivation for him to be stronger.
Tell me your least favorite Fairy Tail members in the comments below and tells what you think of my opinion! Thanks for reading! Ja ne
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I just don't like the character at all. She was cute at first but the I saw NaLu and then...goodbye, Lisanna.
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@matildajgarrett Lol. She's literally useless. Also... I ship Nerza ;) haha
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Yea... I don't like Lisanna either.
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Still Lisanna!
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