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⬆️⬆️mood Mkay so the next letter we'll learn is the 'ㅅ' omg look it makes a face too! So that makes a 's' sound and we can also make it into a double consonant 'ㅆ' by hitting the caps button on the Korean keyboard. When you see the double consonant spend more time pronouncing the 'S' or emphasize it more. But ya know not TOO much. This is the final letter of the able to double consonants I can show you. If you'd like to learn the others please follow my collection. You can find the last card here! 안녕!!
Oh shit I forgot to mention that thank you @RobertMarsh I'll make that a different cards when talking about words and syllables
no worries... that's what we're here for... helping each other
also if at the end of a syllable it becomes "t"
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