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Hey guys, so for my Public Speaking class I decided to do a speech on accepting other's cultures through music which I am really excited about!!!! However, I wanted to show a Kpop video at the beginning of my presentation and I am stuck between which video to do!!! I wanted to do either...
BTS Dope or...
Or EXO's Call Me Baby or Love Me Right... Tell me which one I should play for my class (I am pretty sure none of them have seen a Kpop video before so I don't want to traumatize them)!!! Thank you, you lovely people! XD
@Lexxcisco Stay away fron EXO "Call Me Baby"!! That will kill your classmates and your teacher I would go with BTS DOPE and maybe EXO LOVE ME RIGHT :)
EXO Love me right because it has some rap in it or BTS Dope because of the dance they do. They usually have the best reactions. 😄