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Check out your new Victoria's Secret Models.

This week, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid announced to the world that they will be joining the ranks of the most gorgeous women on the planet : The Victoria's Secret Angels. It's by far one of the most prestigious honors in the fashion industry to have the opportunity to walk the VS Runway. The big lingerie event debuts on a worldwide stage broadcasting to living rooms across the nation. Some women sulk at home while others enjoy a large pizza while watching the spectacle. It's also one of the highest rating fashion shows to be watched by men because well...look at these women.
Many have been awaiting this amazing announcement when many were surprised that Cara Delevigne and Jenner weren't even asked to participate in the show last year. However, with Hadid's huge success, it's no surprise that she got to hit the runway with her BFF, Jenner. There is no doubt that this is a huge publicity stunt to increase viewership of this year's show. However, no one should be able to discredit Victoria's Secret's choice in selecting these two models.
Though Hadid got her big break last week, it was Jenner who received the news on her birthday! Talk about an amazing birthday gift! The two are extremely excited to take their talents to one of the most publicized runways in the world. While the two are runway icons in the fashion world, it's really not a surprise that they landed this next big milestone. But regardless, just be on the watch for the Kardashian-Jenner clan to take social media by storm when this rolls around.
This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Kendall Jenner made no point at hiding her big news. What an adorable picture!

However, with happiness comes haters.

Previous VS model Jourdan Dunn was furious with Victoria's Secret on social media after she found out that she would not be participating in this year's show. The fashion show is already tough to get a spot however Dunn is calling is "BS". Dunn's first VS Show was in 2012 and has participated ever since. Many believe that she was devastated when she didn't make this year's cut. However Dunn is "happy" because the headline performer Rihanna has dropped out as well. Though the tweet has since been deleted, it could cause issues in future VS auditions for Miss Dunn.

Watch Victoria's Secret break the news to Gigi Hadid that she made the cut!

Do you think Jenner and Hadid deserve to be "Angels"?

the household name thing is so bad that my phone recognizes their last name as an actual word; for it to be recognized by my phone like it does Johnny Depp or George Clooney when all they do is complain about their lives without making any half decent contributions to the world is just sad 馃槖 I'm not trying to deter you from them if you like, to each his own; I just can't stand them
I hate all of them; I'm absolutely sure there was someone more hard-working and deserving to walk the runway who got shoved aside because she is a household name like her annoying sisters 馃槖 can't fathom why people watch that crap of a show they have on tv
Because the sisters' father was one of OJ's lawyers in the murder trial; from what I've seen, fame can be inherited, even if the successors don't do diddly squat; or maybe it was the sex tape; just a string of events that has led them to be where they are today 馃槖
I feel ya, @sbrisita I'm really confused as to why they are celebrities, but you have to admit maybe there is a method to this madness. they sure do know how to create buzz, but I agree, I think more talented/hardwork ladies deserve this.
really well done love kendall jenner
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