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G-Dragon recently gave some good advice to his fellow idols. On September 9, G-Dragon held a press conference for “G-Dragon Space 8” in Cheongdamdong. When a reporter asked, “What do you feel about others following your style of rapping,” G-Dragon answered, “I feel honored.” He continued, “I also receive a lot of inspiration by looking at other artists’ rap styles,” and “However, people may think that the styles are all the same if you just stand on stage with influence and inspiration.” He also added, “I hope all of my juniors or other friends can show new sides of themselves with more self-development from now on,” and “I think the public will get sick of it if they show the same things every single time.” “G-Dragon Space 8″ will showcase G-Dragon’s stage costumes, photo shoot apparel and other items for his world tour from September 10 to September 17. All of the items showcased will be available to purchase. Meanwhile, G-Dragon has recently come back with his solo album, “Coup D’etat.”
jnkm September 9, 2013
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Love G-Dragon forever! But why does this seem like it was written in 2013?
2 years ago·Reply
One word, yum. I love him!
2 years ago·Reply
instead of dissing them (like how other rappers would do) he responds very maturely and humbly... What an amazing man
2 years ago·Reply
@RoyallyPrincess. .this article was published in 2013..I wanted to share it with Vinglers when I read it today..
2 years ago·Reply
@luna1171 Oh okay!
2 years ago·Reply