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My first K-Pop Purchase

I'm really excited about this new hoodie I ordered from RedBubble!!! I hope it turns out as awesome as it looks (and fingers crossed it fits). Here's the print..... my babes ❤ SEVENTEEN!!!!! *Currently waiting by my mailbox and stalking UPS tracking service* lol
I ordered a shirt from Korea of EXO with D.O name on it and it's really amazing as how it looked before I bought it and then I got it matches the picture and fits perfectly. I'm ordering two sweaters with Youngjae name on them and one from VIXX with Ken and BTS with J-hope. it's worth it.
@CatherineBrooks that's awesome!!! I haven't been able to find any kpop merch anywhere... especially since I'm on the chunky side lol. That's why RedBubble was such a blessing to me... praying it fits. Hope your sweaters turn out amazing as well!!!! You should post about them when you get them and tag me!
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