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Now you know your lover, where you met, where was your first date, now it's time to see who you be cheating with REMINDER: Once you pick a flower you cannot change it back. So Let's Play Lovers With GOT7 Part 4 Results!!
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#6 Bonus
so no only am I pregnant with Jackson's baby, but I get pregnant with Taeyang bday? or Lee minHo? Hmmm...
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omg I got 6 and I got two hottie's
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I you beat me I apologize
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Which one did I get preggers by? XD 6 months into the relationship and I already got me two side dudes and preggers by one of them
2 years ago·Reply I'm in a 9 month relationship with Junior and I'm pregnant. But I'm cheating on Junior with Lay but I'm pregnant AGAIN! WHAT IS THIS?!?!?! WHO'S BABY IS THIS?!?!?
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