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Hello everyone Bakaa Usagi here ^^ This is my first time posting a challenge card so I hope you all like it! ❤ The following anime that are posted are what I think that NO ONE should miss... just because they are a Masterpiece! Thanks! @hikaymm
First up is Death Note Join the intense battle between L and Light to see who emerge victorious☆
Here is Tokyo Ghoul Who doesn't like a little blood and gory? If that's your thing then Tokyo Ghoul is the perfect match. Join Kaneki on his journey of being a fearsome ghoul.
Last but not Least Code GEASS Okay, if you totally love Death Note then you would Absolutely love Code Geass. And also for those who love mecha then this is a Bonus! Join this awesome pair of friends in their journey through life and death and see what kind of people they become◇
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All great choices. I enjoyed every one of those a LOT. Awesome first challenge card! :))
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