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A lot of people don't realize the main characters wouldn't be where they are with out there buddies and companions well today I'm gonna be listing my favorite side characters on anime lets get started
Number 5 Rogue/Future Rogue : Alright i put both of them here because rogue by himself is a great character loyal protective serious funny but future rogue is a bad ass he beat Natsu eaily TWICE even though he is evil we can all say he's pretty cool.
Number 4 Death the kidd: The strongest of the soul eater trio ( Or not if you think black star is stronger) He is the new lord death of the city and clearly the most funniest guy out there strong dependable but he's Ocd does hold him back on some occasions you realize that overall he's a great character that even Black star can call his rival.
Number 3 Kurapika: The last living member of the scarlet clan he hopes to one day kill the phantom troupe to avenge his fallen clan he befriends Gon and even becomes the Rival of Killua before God speed became a thing.
Number 2 Ryohei: This is a man made of men he's badass enough that when everyone else uses swords,guns, and dynamite he still resort's to his fist people may think he's one of the weakest vongola member's but lets be honest if he's sunshine counter hits you it's over.
Number 1 Black leg Sanji: The super sayin of the straw hat crew one of the strongest characters in one piece this man could easily beat any thing if a woman is harmed he only uses kicks but don't think of it as a handicap as Zoro a man with three sword considers him his rival yes he doesn't have a devil fruit but man you can't just not love this character.
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oooh awesome list! I love ryohei so much. he was always super extreme XD but personally I loved Yama more in KHR. do you really think black star is the strongest of the team in soul eater? I think maka is