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Many of my anime lover friends told me (well forced me) to watch food wars. I was shaky at first but then I fell in love with the show. It's full of adventure, competition, and food. Lots and Lots of food. VERY FUNNY SHOW!!! The show is very comical. There wasn't any episode where I didn't laugh. Soma, the main character, really get you laughing. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE FOOD!!! The food is really delicious. I'm just watching, not eating, but watching and really loving the food. The show even tells you how to make it (and yes its on the internet too)
FAVORITE CHARACTER My favorite character is the main ~ Soma Yukihira Yea kinda cliche making the main your favorite but he is a really funny guy and a good cook. So, Comment anything you like about FOOD WARS (favorite character, favorite scene, favorite dish, etc) ~If you never watched FOOD WARS why are you still here, hurry up and watch it
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Everytime they taste the food, if it's any good, their clothes will explode and strip naked with crazy fire in the background....
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@MikeWolf Who is your favorite ship for Soma?
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@JrHeinzen Megumi cause they kinda have a kirito and asuna relationship from sao
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@MikeWolf so between Erina and Nikumi, who do you prefer, for yourself and Soma?
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