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Thanksgiving is coming up and while we should be doing this all the time, I think we should take some moments this month to remember just how truly blessed our lives actually are.
So to help you guys start off your list, here are 3 little annoyances that actually prove just how blessed you are.

Your parents text and call and expect you to actually have a conversation.

Yes their constant inquiry into your life can seem nosy and sometimes down right annoying when you are just trying to live your own life, but having parents that are not only around but care enough to know how you did on your econ midterm is something that should never be taken for granted.

You spend so much money on the weekends.

Every Sunday you go to bed with the sickly feeling that you spent way to much money this weekend. Those extra shots, extra fries, and bottomless brunch really wasn't worth it. But.....while you could probably be a bit better at saving money, the fun you had that weekend makes it all worth it.
So be thankful not only for your memories, but for the fact that you have money to spare for fun things.

Your job sucks.

Yes, jobs sometimes SUCK, especially if it has nothing to do with what you want to actually be. But having a shitty job is way better than not having one at all. Because without a job you wont have any money to have amazing times on the weekend, to treat the ones you love to something special, or to just get by.
So yes, your job might suck, but be thankful that you have something that gives you the capability to having amazing times outside the standard 9-5 work days.
all these are so true
I'm really thankful for my parents! I love talking with them on the phone, especially when I'm far away. It's nice to know there's someone out there that will be there for you. Lovely post, and perfect for thanksgiving!
Ahhhh I promise I won't bitch about the amount of money I spent on the weekend this week!