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The Detroit Pistons haven't seen the playoffs in the past decade. Their hasn't been much to celebrate in Detroit over the past couple of years but things may be on the upswing.
Four games into the NBA season, the Pistons are 3-1 and boast impressive victories over the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat. I know it's hard to get excited for a team that has let fans down so often over the past decade, but after watching each game this year I'm all in.
Get ready Pistons fans, you guys have a legit team on your hands.
The team is built around the NBA's new man-child Andre Drummond.
Andre is an unstoppable force down low for Detroit. He runs the floor great and can play above the rim. Drummond also has a non-stop motor, his high energy play allows him to dominate the glass every night out. While Andre has a long way to go in regards to developing his post game, he has show vast improvement each year in the NBA.
New coach Stan Van Gundy took over the team two years ago and has completely turned over the Pistons team. They have surrounded Drummond with solid three point shooting and a stellar point guard in Reggie Jackson. Reggie is the perfect complement to Andre due to his ability to score in transition and create off the pick and roll. Defensively this team has also been solid as well, as teams have trouble finishing over Drummond.

What do you think guys? Do you think the Pistons have what it take to be a playoff team and make a push this year?

And yeah, not quite championship-worthy material, but still definitely playoff-worthy team!
They def do and I agree with @ChriSingularis. Van Gundy definitely has played a huge role!
The Pistons are a legit playoff team if they can keep playing their game. Of course, they're not quite at championship contender status yet, but they've got a strong core group.
Van grundy is trying to do what he did with magic and Howard.