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So I was just listening to music when a thought came, I have no idea where this ludicrous idea came from but I thought it would be funny to see what bts members would be like as superheroes
Let's start with Jin the oldest of the group:) PERSON : please save me I need help Jin: Here I come omg I broke my freaking nail time out mr.bank robber I'm hurt. But I still look good right?
PERSON: Suga save me there's a bank robber! Suga: DA'FUQQ you want me to do about it! fine I guess I can help you , but it will cost later because nothings free.
Person: Help me I'm stuck in the elevator! Rap monster " Here I come!! Breaks the tools needed to save the trapped people. Dammit I can fix this EVERYONE: NO DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! RAP MON: BREAKS THE ELECTRICITY BOX YELLS OOPS!!!
PERSON: Help me my baby is going to be born V: (licks lips) Lalalalala wait what's going on guys I found a teddy bear and where is my mom jin!
Person: JHOPE SAVE ME THERE IS A SNAKE IN THE ROOM!! Jhope: Okay here I come wait did you say snake! !! (SCREAMS like a girl) I thought you said grapes!! (jumps in girls arms)
Person : JIMIN SAVE ME HERE COMES THE TREX!! JIMIN:maybe if I play dead they won't ask me to save them! (Plays dead) then finds a chance to run and trips over his own feet.
Person: Save me!! I need help! Jungkook: Here I come I'll save you ,girl I'm 18 now and I know what I want ;) (spends the whole time flirting with you and says corny pick up lines (he's a bad and he likes bad girls) Thanks for your time I hope you enjoyed- Jojo
ugh! Jungkook. Haha I loved all of them! very creative.
That's my hero Suga lol
These were great
@jgallegos222 They were really creative ^_^
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