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These guys are scary good.

No Messi? No problem for Barcelona.

When Messi went down injured a few weeks ago and reports surfaced that he'd be out for two months, people got really concerned about Barcelona until he got back.
And reasonably so, I think; one of the most amazing things about Messi is the incredible health he has enjoyed throughout his career. I don't want to jinx anything, but the plain fact of the matter is that he has spent remarkably little time on the sidelines.
As such, Barcelona have never really had to deal with playing without him. So now that they finally did have to, people got scared.

Enter Neymar.

We already knew that Neymar was one of the world's best, but I don't think anyone could have realistically predicted him to slot right in and play at the level he has played at during Messi's absence. He has been completely unstoppable.
Neymar scored two of the three goals as Barcelona beat BATE Borisov in the Champions League yesterday and both were extremely classic Barcelona goals, with outstanding passing and fine finishing work.
Let's not forget about Luis Suarez, who for my money is the best pure striker in the world. The man just knows how to find goals and is relentless in front of net. He scored against BATE, too.
So without Messi, Barcelona have had no problem to this point. They remain tied atop the La Liga table (with Real Madrid, no surprise!) and they lead Group E of the Champions League with 10 points. They have already qualified for the knockout stages.

They'll still be waiting anxiously for Messi to return, because, hey, it is Messi after all, but they look like they're doing just fine for now!

Well they do need him and they do not at the same time
There doing well without him and people think that without him there at a lost but they do have other players
@mchlyang It's not as messy without Messi as I thought
Well, I heard rumors about the possibility of Messi going to PSG. That might have an impact but if they hold on to Neymar and Suarez (both very young players), I feel like Barca should be fine!
@Margarito I feel like both of them have too much of an ego to play on the same team hahaha
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