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In honor of National Writing Month, here are some inspiring and pretty beautiful quotes about the struggles of writing that can help all of us writers to just trying to get going.
Because writing is the most difficult and lonely occupation to fill. No one will make you a writer except yourself.
Writing takes you to places that have never existed before. Crafting a story demands you to defy normal logic and think completely outside of not only the box, but outside of normalcy.
Do what comes naturally, take the pent up frustration, the confusion, and your issues and create something with them. Because a writer who doesn't write is just asking for insanity.
Writing isn't easy. Writing isn't just going to happen. And writing like everyone else isn't going to set you apart from anyone. So be brave and dare to try something new.
Simple writing tips that we all must remember. Its easy to complain and its easy to talk about your best seller dreams but until you actually sit down and focus... it isn't going to happen.
Please, don't waste your time writing something average, just like you shouldn't waste your time being average.
Writing isn't just a way to repeat the same tired shit we've all heard before just because you feel the need to be heard. Writing is about stepping up and saying something no one has ever even thought about thinking about. Write something that matters.
In a world of mass production, quantity over quality, and human drones programed to do and want the same thing, we writers stand alone. We hand craft every single word we use with an attention most can't even give their twitter.
So keep writing Writers. It will all be worth it in the end...if there ever is an end.
One of my favorite quotes about writing is "I tried everything else, so then I was a writer." Something like that, Hunter S Thompson. It's a great reminder of the desperation involved with this profession. I loved this!
See...told ya you were the awesome one.
Simply inspirational! 📝
I love this card. ♡