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Rice Plots in Bacson Valley in Vietnam [Smithsonian Photography Contest]
Bacson, Langson, Vietnam: Alternating Rice Plots in the Bacson Valley in July. Photographer: Photographer: Hai Thinh Hoang, Finalist – Travel. Source: [http://www.wherecoolthingshappen.com/20-beautiful-shots-of-smithsonian-photo-contest/]
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@maymay75 It's sooo beautiful. :)
4 years ago·Reply
I remember seeing something like this taken by my uncle :) He's a professional photographer with more than 30 yrs in the field :)
4 years ago·Reply
@maymay75 (ノ> ◇ <)ノ♪ Woooow! That is freaking awesome!!! Does he do a lot of traveling? Are you also interested in photography at all?
4 years ago·Reply
yea he traveled all over vietnam, to top it off his left leg is disabled. i'm also interested in photography, i think it runs in the family haha, just check out my collections lol, but not as a professional career tho
4 years ago·Reply
Wow, he did so much even with his leg. That's definitely dedication and passion for the art. That's so admirable. (^_^) Yes, photography is such a wonderful medium and I'm not surprised. (^_~)
4 years ago·Reply