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~ I know that I've ranted on this enough but , SERIOUSLY MAMA 2015???
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@BambiTheFawn LOL Thats probably it since I NEED U MV was amazing and Dope choreography was well Dope
2 years ago·Reply
Honestly though @sarangseoltang I can see no other reason 😉 like you said they are dope 😍
2 years ago·Reply
@jgallegos222 IKR with all those hip thrusts LOL I have died many times by the Dope choreography XD
2 years ago·Reply
yea it sucks I wanted them to win alot of awards but IG not this year
2 years ago·Reply
Is this a joke? They should be nominated for the best dance performance though. dope choreography are one of the best this year. ^^
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