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For a few minutes at least, Mourinho can breathe easy.

Chelsea had an absolutely massive match at home against Dynamo Kiev today in the Champions League.

Had they lost it - at home, to a much lesser side - Mourinho would have been sacked. I'm all but sure of that. He HAD to win this match.

And for a while it looked like it might have been over for Mourinho.
But then Chelsea pulled ahead by a stroke of luck, as Willian crossed in to the box with a very dangerous ball and Aleksander Dragovic of Kiev put it into his own net in attempt to clear.
It was one of those own goals where you have to credit Willian, even though he didn't really score. He put in a great ball and it's tough to blame the Kiev player for trying to get it out of the area.
But Dragovic pulled level with a goal of his own - this time in the right net - on 77 minutes.

Mourinho's Chelsea were struggling and had little to offer.

Then, Willian came to the rescue - again.

The Brazilian has proven multiple times this season already that he deserves more credit and respect than anyone seems to give him, and on Wednesday he left no doubt about his value to Chelsea by hitting a sublime free kick to seal the win for Chelsea and save Mourinho's bacon.
As much as I dislike Chelsea, I do like Willian. He is energetic, exciting and has loads of talent and quality to offer. He impresses me more and more each time I see him play.

Mourinho can live another day at least. This weekend is a big match for him on the road at Stoke and I don't think he's out of the woods yet - if Chelsea don't get the right result this weekend, we could be right back where we started: with Mourinho on the precipice.

YES!!!! I got so emotional watching his postgame interview.
He's a lucky dog.