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nope, i just know the ending, before i finish the drama,! hahah have u ever watched a drama knowing the ending of it,,,,,,,its pretty different especially in crime or murder dramas, you just focus on the "killer"when they they have there scenes~
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I prefer to be surprised even though I may have an inkling who the culprit is.
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hahaha,,,,,, its just when i know the ending, i focus on the person thats going to the antagonist in the story,,, especially when it doesnt seem like it at the ep that im at,,,,,,,,like i know that at the end henry was said to have mental illness, so i Think,,,,just thinking,,,that when he was chating on his laptop,,,,he was actually typing to himself,,,,,,idknow,, just a guess~ hahah i guess i find it really fun to watch dramas like this~ lol
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como se llama este drama ?
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