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So I just finished my satire for my English class. Now, I have no idea how to title it and this is not due until tomorrow, can you guys please help. I'm going to show you what I have written so you can throw me an idea, okay? THANK YOU!
Now, lets get reading!
Pop is a music genre of popular music which was originated in its modern form of Western world during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Now, what if the word “Korean” was added in front of Pop? I can definitely see a frown on your face. Don’t worry, Korean Pop (K-Pop) fans won’t do anything to you, but make sure you sleep with your eyes open.
I have a question for you all, I want to know, what do you think of when you see Korean artists? Chinese-looking plastic mannequins that wear tons of makeup just for the fun of it? If that’s how you view them, then get ready to be mobbed in any social media you have by hormonal, raging teenage girls. But I won’t deny the fact that they do some facial touch-ups at the Plastic surgeon’s office, so don’t get confused with their natural beauty. Also, there is this one major pet peeve that all K-Pop fans have. “Who is that girl with the long, light brown hair?” “That is Taemin and by the way, he’s a boy and he’s wearing extensions.” “But why does he have long hair and why is he wearing make-up? That’s only for girls to use!” So you’re telling me that men can’t wear extensions or make-up? Then why do you like playing sports when it’s only supposed to be for men? “Ew, why are they wearing make-up? One Direction doesn’t do that!” Oh sure they don’t. It’s like they use this mask of transparent natural mineral compounds that not even photoshop can win against it. If One Direction is “natural”, then so are the Korean male artists.
A second major pet peeve that all K-Pop fans have is when they are questioned, “Why do you listen to the ching-chong music? Like do you even understand it?” Do I have to understand what they’re saying to know what music is? Isn’t music supposed to be universal? Then why are Americans listening to Mexican music when they don’t understand it? Why do Mexicans listen to American music? To you, if it sounds good, it feels good. That’s how it is for us K-Pop fans. If you really love music like you say you do, then why is K-Pop not an option? I bet that 60% of all English speakers don’t even understand what English artists sing. Know what you listen to before being unjust to K-Pop.
One can say that One Direction and Justin Bieber are iconic idols. They became overnight sensations that stole every single teenage girl’s heart. But have they spent 5 to 7 years training before they become artists? Have they spent approximately 10 to 15 hours daily in a practice room rehearsing several dance steps for just a 3 or 4 minute song? Live under the pressure on working hard to lose weight, sing or dance better just for some unappreciative fans and public? For those non K-Pop fans that think that K-Pop artists will never reach by One Direction’s level are close-minded and in denial. Big Bang won against Restart, Britney Spears, Lena, and Abdelfattah Grini at MTV EMA 2011 for Best Worldwide Act. SHINee and INFINITE took part in the top 20 of Billboard’s Best Boy Bands list. EXO, being the only South Korean group in the top of the Worldwide Group Album sales list, beat One Direction with 905,000 ‘EXODUS’ albums while One Direction sold 869,000 ‘Four’ albums. And recently, Super Junior won against One Direction, Little Mix, 5 Seconds of Summer, Fifth Harmony, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, 2ne1, and Girls Generation (the last two are female Korean groups) at the Teens Choice Awards 2015 for Choice Best International Artist and Choice Fandom. Um, so K-Pop artists will never be known? I mean, us K-Pop fans adore our idols even if they just sit there and breathe, but we respect them and feel that they need more compensation than just love from us. They train for so many years and their efforts have to be paid off well! We can’t just sit there and let One Direction take all of the awards when all they do is sing and hop around like hyperactive rabbits.
It’s pretty annoying when we keep getting questioned to why we like K-Pop in general. Why don’t you like it? Don’t tell me because you don’t understand it. I get it, but it’s something we always hear and we’re tired of it. Stop coming up with excuses and take time to sit down with a cup of coffee or whatever it is that relaxes you and watch K-Pop music videos. If they don’t suit your taste, watch Korean soap operas or variety shows like Running Man or Infinite Challenge that will definitely have you rolling like a buffalo. Eventually, there are wonderful people who were blessed by the subtitling gods by giving them the power to insert subtitles to the videos for us international fans to understand. Once you get into K-Pop, don’t be embarrassed to show your inner Korean side! If you have no one to spazz with, go to social media and become friends with strangers who will understand and have the same interest as you. You will not be alone. Just please open your mind to K-Pop and join us in this beautiful fandom. Maybe, soon we can plan a trip to South Korea and marry our idols!

I hope you guys can give me ideas for a title. That's all I need. Thank you!!!

And special thanks to @CheyenneJessee @JaxomB @kpopandkimchi @mkbmccann @lawtont @IDK2018 and @montha91 for giving me ideas for the satire. LOTS OF LOVE!!!
@KpopGaby Not all the time but I've seen concerts where they've totally gone off sync with the song and look like seals
Don't hate before you relate, K-pop is great!
@KpopGaby You should add in there how One Direction lip syncs (completely) while Kpop artists use a back track.
Ima now show this to my non Kpop friends, especially to my guy friends!! But I know in real they don't like them because their hot compare to them 😁😂💘
Preach it girl, Preach! 👏🏼👏🏼
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