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Hi everyone! Welcome to Vingle K-Drama :D

We're so glad you found us!

Even if you've only watched one drama, we're here and ready to fan girl with you!

We'll bother you until you love us, so why not just join the family now!?

Leave your favorite drama(s) in the comments and let's be friends!

My favorite drama of all time is Reply 1997 but I love every drama I've seen!!!!
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I have many favorite K-Dramas its impossible to choose one. On principle I choose Playful Kiss, the first K-Drama I watched! :D
Fav drama you says I actually do have a lot since we have to mention atleast one , I will give u a list starting with the 2015 ones. Hello monster, scholar who walks the night, Pinocchio, she was pretty, oh my ghostess, kill me heal me, Twenty, Tazza, who are you school 2015 ,BOF, lie to me, korean dramas? I just love them all
i watched more than 50 dramas put my fevoret dramas ..boy over flawer .... coffe prince ..... the cenchery bride ......personal test ....i heir your voice .....and more
My favorite drama was : School Who are you? (:
Does anyone know the drama for the last gif? And my favorites are She Was Pretty and Oh My Venus... (I don't like the message of Oh My Venus but BRO!!! If those guys were my trainors, I'd be at gym daily)