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Yes! You've finally made it!

Welcome to the Vingle Kpop family!

We might seem a little crazy but we're just your average kpop fans :D

And kpop fans aren't really crazy.....RIGHT?!

Kpop is boring alone so we love love loooove new faces to share our fanboy/fangirl moments with!

Tell us your favorite groups below so that we can get to know you and make our family that much bigger :D

((I'm a crazy BTS and VIXX fan but I really love everyone so much (Seventeen is stealing my soul hahahha)))
Welcome again!!!
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So glad to meet all of you! Welcome. Vingle Kpop is definitely a fun place to be! I look forward to seeing you around! I love a whole bunch of groups, and can never pick just one!! :0)
Big Bang and BTS!!! Although I love just about everyone. :) EXO, GOT7, etc. Thanks for the warm welcome!
Welcome to the most wonderful place on earth!! (okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it is pretty amazing) 😉
Welcome to all of the newcomers to our K-Pop community! I hope all of you enjoy your stay here and make tons of friends! 😁
Welcome to your new family. Where were not exactly normal 😋