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This Is A Bathroom Pass, You Guys.

Back in the day, I had a teacher that made us take a plunger with a key on it to the restroom if we had to go. I don't know if I'd have been more stoked or more embarrassed if THIS was my bathroom pass.
this is why I hate public schools now a days. god heaven forbid you may have bladder or stomache problems. this is why I loooved being homeschooled. there is a reason I'm an A,B student in college.
@jbowie103 right?! it's ridiculous.
exactly it was fine I guess when I was of that age to be in middle or high school but today with the common core idiotic bullshit they teach and degrading things like this they really are trying to take as much individuality from a person as they can. I'm really good at math, passed calculus with an A but I cannot understand common core basic math... its like 152=12 plus pickle minus the root of all evil times 45 to get a part of the number....
@MooshieBay It seriously is. I would've died laughing if I saw one of these in the hallway at school.
Oh man that's awesome
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