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Question time. Do you think you can actually have a crush on someone you've never even met?
Because I feel like... it's happening to me. I mean, I don't know if I'd call it falling in love exactly, but... guys, the fangirl crushing is real with this one.
I have so many feelings when I watch this video by Kpop World:
PARK JIMIN. I mean, Baby V is constantly trying to interrupt my bias, but he can't compete with my love of Jibooty. Or his love of Jibooty, apparently.
It's just... look at this kid.


It makes me kind of angry. But also really happy. I don't understand all these feeeeeeeels ughhh.
Many people are like me, I think, and have a crush on some celebrity or idol that, in all probability, they'll never meet. But even if it's so unrealistic, why do we love to picture our imaginary relationships with them? Why do we daydream about them as if we really do know them?
I mean, it's not as though they're nothing but images on a screen. Especially with K-pop, I feel like there are so many videos of behind-the-scenes moments, and so many ways that the idol's personality comes through, not just their image. That's what I love about Jimin – he seems so silly and funny!! And when I watch him being a dork and playing around with the other members of BTS, I die a little because they just seem like such a fun group.
I don't know. This has just been on my mind a little as I get more and more into K-pop. I'm interested to hear what you guys think :)

Is it possible to have a crush on someone even though you've never met?

Or even stronger, do you think you can fall in love with someone from afar?

Crush, yes... because that is just being in love with the idea of someone... In love, no...that requires meeting the real person (not necessarily in person) and knowing the true person... good and bad parts (you know we all have both...ㅋㅋㅋ)
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HELL YEA YOU CAN CRUSH ON SOMEONE YOU HAVENT MET LIKE HELL IVE CRUSHED ON CUTE GUYS ON THE TRAIN 😂😂 I mean I think we all know though that there's an unrealism in these types of love and that's wha t makes it so appealing. because although its one sided love is amazing and everyone wants to love.
I think I have to side with @RobertMarsh on this one. I've been infatuated with celebrities before, I've seen all their pictures, and known all their little facts and quirks. yet, I've never actually spent real time with them or got to know them. I've got the fan and the medias perception of that person, and not my own developed my own. So I can say I've got a crush, but real true loves from a deeper understanding of a person :) in my opinion.
I strongly want to say yes but ottokaji im in the same boat as you. I dont want to call it love but its to unrealistic and I cant afford to have my heart broken by a guy who lives across the globe... However a crush sounds normal and nobody will look at me funny for loving a guy who doesnt even know I exist. I doubt anyone can escape this part of being a fan lol
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